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In February 2014 Jenn’s baking hobby became a reality when Jenn’s Cupcakes and Parties became a licensed Cottage Food Operation in Alameda County. Jenn had never spent a day in culinary school, this skill that she was born with just had to be shared. So it began...

Just 7 years later Jenn’s Cupcakes now has a staff with a passion for creating, they work hard to make clients visions come to life! The business has expanded from just 10 cupcake recipes to a full-blown custom bakery with a flare on complete party planning including rentals and custom design. In 2016 their permit expanded to sell baked goods at local restaurants.


Jenn and her staff absolutely love all the fun custom orders that come pouring in every month. The hundreds of cupcakes and dozens of cakes that go out, run the gamut from corporate events and weddings to fully customized theme parties. They pride themselves in creating the perfect dessert for any occasion. Everything that comes out of the kitchen needs to be both beautiful and delicious!


Jenn’s Cupcakes is devoted to being active in their community through fundraisers for schools and non-profit organizations. You will see their goodies at many community events as well.


When it’s time for your children to book their next birthday party, call Jenn’s Cupcakes. Hands on teaching is their specialty. They invite you to share the fun and learn how to be creative while enjoying delicious treats. As they say it’s truly fun to be in the edible art business.


Jenn is incredibly grateful for all the local support she has received and a huge thank you goes out to all the clients who believed in her and have made this hobby a huge success.

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